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Do you remember the first time?

In the 1990s following on from showgaze and the baggy Madchester scene, and in direct response to the American grunge invasion, a new generation of bands started producing uniquely British music.


It reflected the changing times, the slow demise of the Tory administration and the promise of a brighter future (or so it seemed). From the first green shoots of 1992 until it ran out of steam at the end of the decade, music that could be called pop or indie became known simply as 'Britpop'.


Blur, Oasis, Pulp & Suede. Elastica, Sleeper, Catatonia & Echobelly. Shed Seven, Dodgy, Mansun & Ocean Colour Scene. Just the start of a long list of great bands and we go deeper, so much deeper, to bands that even some of the people who were in them have forgotten about!


Join us, our friends and listeners from around the world every Wednesday for the radio show that celebrates those bands, those songs and those times. Or get more involved and join our Patreon Community to get early releases, exclusive content and join in with Nick, Statto and the community.

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Can't join us for the live show or just want to listen to it again? Not to worry, all of our shows (500!) are available online at Mixcloud.



If it's 6pm Wednesday (in the UK) then you can join us live for the Britpop Revival Show.

Available on FM, DAB, Smart Speaker and all the radio apps

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Hey! Got questions about the Show, Britpop or the price of fish? Want to make a request or send us your demo? Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You could even send us a postcard. Nobody ever sends us a postcard!

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